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The Sophia Institute's mission and purpose is to support and enhance the work of schools, nonprofit organizations, small businesses, educators, therapists, parents and others working out of the impulse of Anthroposophy.

The Sophia Institute provides Waldorf teacher training, adult education courses, Foundation Studies Courses in Anthroposophy and the Arts, online courses, workshops and retreats, renewal courses, consulting services, administrative services, newsletters, puppet theater, puppetry courses, counseling and publications.

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Sophia Institute Faculty, Adjunct Faculty and Staff

Martha Buche (Early Childhood Education)
Jacqueline Beecher (Foundation Studies)
Sarah Caldwell (Nurturing Arts)
Annette Conlon (Eurythmy)
Christine Cook (Foundation Studies)
Anna-Jo Doerr (Spatial Dynamics)
Anne-Marie Fryer (Painting/Art of Cooking)
Ingrid Halverson (Arts)
Carole Hanlein (Eurythmy and Therapeutic Movement)
David Kennedy (Manual Arts)
Shanon Landis (Early Childhood Education)
Carla Mattioli, M.A. (Arts, Waldorf Curriculum)
Mary Ellyn Mattison-Doerr (Early Childhood Education)
Aegir Morgan (Foundation Studies)
Conrad Rehbach, M.A. (Administrative Director/Foundation Studies/Waldorf Curriculum/Publications)
Marjorie Rehbach (Remedial Education/Arts/Puppetry/Mentoring and Evaluation/Waldorf Curriculum)
Donna Simmons (Arts/Home Environment)
Melody Van Hoose (Eurythmy)

RoSE Vol 4 No 2 just published! Sophia Institute

We are pleased to present the second issue of Volume 4 of the Journal RoSE - Research on Steiner Education to our dear readers, colleagues and authors.

As you already know, our journal is published twice a year in cooperation with the Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences, Germany and the Rudolf Steiner University College, Norway. This current issue is available since 29th December.

We hope that it will arouse your interest and we wish you an enjoyable and "sustainable" read.


Dr. Axel Föller-Mancini, Germany Prof. Dr. Bo Dahlin, Sweden

RoSE – Research on Steiner Education




Dear friends of Waldorf early childhood education, dear educators and parents,

When one is working in a Waldorf kindergarten or child care, there is little time for reading. Our school colleagues and friends can often hardly believe that we invest so much time in practical preparations, practicing rhythmic games and music, meeting with parents, and so on. Not to mention the fact that when we return home after a day in a kindergarten feeling, it sometimes feels as if we had gone on a long hike in the mountains!  

Nonetheless, most colleagues and friends are very interested in further education and in the exchange of ideas and practice with other colleagues. For them and for all friends of Waldorf early childhood education, we have prepared a special issue of our IASWECE newsletter: reports from China, Russia and Ukraine, a presentation of English language newsletters on Waldorf early childhood education, conference announcements and also a preview of new publications. The reports offer a glimpse into the work in early childhood training projects around the world that are supported by IASWECE, and may also stimulate you to consider becoming involved in training courses in Beijing or Odessa!

With all good wishes for your reading, on behalf of the IASWECE Council

Philipp Reubke, Clara Aerts, Susan Howard

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