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Curative Education and Social Therapy

Community Care and Inclusion

Community Care and Inclusion

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Community Care and Inclusion for People with an Intellectual Disability

Edited by Robin Jackson and Maria Lyons

A critical overview of the policy of community care for people with special needs.

Publication date: 24 Nov 2016
Price: £25.00

ISBN: 9781782503330

About the Author:
Robin Jackson is a Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Hertfordshire. He recently guest edited the International Journal of Developmental Disabilities on 'Community inclusion and intellectual disability: meanings, means and myth' (2015) and is the author Who Cares? The impact of ideology, regulation and marketisation on the quality of life of people with an intellectual disability (Sheffield: The Centre for Welfare Reform, 2015)
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Discovering Camphill -  Karl Koenig Institute

Discovering Camphill:

New Perspectives, Research and Developments
Edited by Robin Jackson; Foreword by Andrew Kendrick

Price: £20.00

Publication Date: 21 Apr 2011

About the Author:
Robin Jackson was a lecturer at Aberdeen College of Education before becoming Principal Lecturer in Special Education at King Alfred’s College, Winchester and Principal of Linn Moor Special School in Aberdeen. He hasworked with Camphill for many years, including as a Development and TrainingCo-ordinator, and is currently a consultant to Camphill Rudolf Steiner Schools in Aberdeen.

He edited Holistic Special Education:

Camphill Principles and Practice (2006) and wrote Hermann Gross:
Art and Soul (2008), both published by Floris Books.

This important book brings together research from scholars and experts in avariety of disciplines to explore a broad range of issues which affect Camphil l life. The essays examine social, political and educational topics as diverse asspiritual needs, residential childcare, disabled identity, working with autistic children and the development of Camphill communities around the world. The lack of easily accessible literature about Camphill communities has contributed to a common and unjustified perception of Camphill as ‘closed’ communities which have little interest in communicating with the ‘the outsideworld’. Some influential officials and practitioners who determine educationand social-work policy and practice still know little or nothing about Camphill,which increases the risk of misunderstanding and threatens the future of Camphill communities. This book seeks not only tobridge that gap, but to demonstrate to a wider audience the unique and inspiring qualities of Camphill communities. This book is essential reading for anyone with an interest in the provision of services for children and adults with special needs.

‘This is a remarkable book. Rarely does one find a program of any kind willing to open itself up to such intensive internal and external critical examination. Through the wide-ranging perspectives presented, the reader will indeed “discover Camphill”, and find it to be an impressive global movement in support of the integrity of persons and the wholeness of human life.’

James P. Anglin, PhD, Professor of School of Child and Youth Care at the University of Victoria, Canada

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